What an Incredible 3 Year Concert Run It’s Been, Ending w/ Bob Dylan

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I’m truly blessed. To be able to see this many classic rock bands of the 60s and 70s in the span of 3 years is simply incredible. God is good. I’m truly one blessed rocker n’ roller. That said, I’ll be posting links to my concert pages starting with the most recent, working my way back to early 2017.

This posting is of my last concert (I think) in 2019. LOL. I made it ‘official’ by cutting my hair after my extended concert touring. I figured, if the bands can take a break I certainly can as well. Besides, it’ll grow back in time for Arlo in February.

Was humbled to see Bob Dylan on 19 October 2019 in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was my first time to see Bob. As an added bonus, my main squeeze, Kim, was with me. Did I mention we had front row seats? Unfortunately Bob does NOT allow ANY pics or videos. We ALL had to turn off our phones BEFORE the show started. Bummer, as we were in prime position (front row center) to get great shots. They were kicking people out that did not comply.


You will hear a lot of garbage about today’s Dylan concerts. Stuff like he lip syncs the songs, etc. None of it is true. I WILL say, security was as tight as I’ve ever seen at a rock concert. There were zero issues AND zero pics taken.

But, what can you say? He’s Bob Dylan! A legend still performing at 78 years old. He’s won the Noble Peace Prize AND an Oscar (it was on the stage with him). We all know, he never had a Perry Como voice. Yeah, its a bit rough but IT’S BOB DYLAN for crying out loud!! He played guitar, piano, and harmonica. Oh how the harmonica hit your brain…

He was extremely profession, to the point of a ‘cold’ concert. He never once talked to us, the fans, except to introduce the band during the encore. That was it. No intros to any songs. Just song after song after song after song… A solid mix of slow ballads and upbeat boogies that made you want to get up and dance.

I have a bucket list of performers I want to see before they stop performing OR before I’m unable to  continue attending. I can now proudly say I’ve scratched Bob Dylan off that list.

I was surprised (and somewhat disappointed) of the crowd size. The venue in Lincoln, NE was the Pinnacle Bank Arena where Nebraska plays basketball – seats 16,000+. A security guy told us that ‘they were told’ to expect 2,500 people. That, my fellow rock n’ rollers, I simply don’t understand. At 78, how much longer can this legend perform without cancelling more shows that not due to health reasons? I did see where Bob has started populating a 2020 tour. Good for him! IF you get a chance, don’t miss it – GO!!! Just flat out GO! You will NOT be disappointed.

As promised, here is the link to my Bob Dylan Concert appreciation page. It was WELL worth the price of the VIP Package to see him. Until the next concert post – later, dudes! http://www.1973rocknroll.com/2019_BobDylan.html.



Leon Russell – The Day The Music Died

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The obit states, “Leon Russell, the longhaired, scratchy-voiced pianist, guitarist, songwriter and bandleader who moved from playing countless recording sessions to making hits on his own, died on Sunday in Nashville. He was 74.”

There is more. I had the privilege of seeing him in concert in September of 2015 at George’s Majestic (http://www.georgesmajesticlounge.com/) on Dixon Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Yes, the venue was smaller as well as the crowd, but the place was full. Just like Leon, the crowd was gray haired and many were on canes, a couple in wheel chairs pushed by their fellow fans.

It wasn’t a show per se. Rather, it was simply Leon and his music. He walked out on stage (with a cane), waved to the crowd, sat down at the piano and started playing – song after song after song after song… Check out http://www.1973rocknroll.com/2015_LeonRussell.html for a sampling.

If you’d come for a ‘show’ you’d been disappointed. If you’d come for his music, you simply smiled, remembered your youth, and were satisfied – taken back in time, back to the 70s when you were young and all you had was ‘sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll’.

Thank you Leon.

We are losing many (too many) founders of rock n’ roll (http://www.1973rocknroll.com/TheDayTheMusicDied.html). Soon, there won’t be any of them left, nor us, their adoring fans. I’d suggest you go see everyone who is still preforming / touring while you have a chance – placing one last memory into your heart and soul…

Drink one for me (and Leon),


3 Nebraska Players That Are NOT Nebraskans

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Michael Rose-Ivey, DaiShon Neal, and Mohamed Barry – heads up! You are in the process of learning one of life’s most valuable lessons. And, you’d better pay attention because opportunities of this magnitude don’t come around that often.

“It ain’t about you or your opinion”. When you are wearing the Scarlet and Cream, you represent ME!

Who am I, you ask?

Born and bloody-raised in Nebraska since 1950. A Boy Scout that attended games, sitting in the knot hole section (check out your Husker football history to find out what that was) before the nation knew how to spell Devaney. The son of the Husker’s ‘color commentary’ guy on the radio from the late 60’s throughout most of the 70’s. A Navy and Vietnam Veteran standing watch on USS Mullinnix DD-944 in Norfolk, VA, the last all-gun destroyer in US Navy history, during the Game of the Century between Nebraska and Oklahoma (again, look up your Husker football history to find out when that was). I guy that cried like a baby when Nebraska beat Miami for the national championship – my youngest son invited all his friends over to the house – just to watch me cry.

A simple hard working guy that remembers when we were know as the Cornhuskers not simply the Huskers. A working man, that remembers back in the day when the uniforms were ONLY two colors – scarlet and cream, no tunnel walk, no theme song.

Coach Riley doesn’t even get it. But Devaney did. Tom Osborne did. Frank Solich did. No coach post-Solich got it.

Simply stated – we are Nebraska. 350 sellouts should prove that to everyone.

You are getting a full ride to play – for US. Nebraskans. Nothing more, nothing less.

Suggestion: Go outside of the East stadium and read what it says…

Those are not just words, that is Nebraska.

There is NO place like Nebraska. And bloody-hell, you’d better never forget it.

Drink one for me,





I Agree With Kaepernick: “Trump, Clinton are Embarrassing”

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AND, I have a solution:

  1. Get out of that 49ers uniform, and
  2. Get off your bloody knees, and
  3. Run for public office…

…You have an even chance of being better than what our choices are today.

Oh, and as always, drink one for me,



Vietnam Gun Line – 50 Years Ago

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50 years ago, the USS Mullinnix DD-944 spent the majority of the calendar year in South East Asia.

Check out the details at http://www.mightymux.com/1966Vietnam.html.

This site contains video (8mm home movies) of the Mighty Mux shelling enemy positions, Mux FamilyGrams (downloadable PDF files), maps, pictures, music, information about the “around the world” cruise, video clips from the Movie “Good Morning Vietnam!”, and much much more.

Drink one for me,



Jefferson Airplane’s Co-founder Paul Kantner Dead

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The Day the Music Died: http://www.1973rocknroll.com/TheDayTheMusicDied.html

Drink one for me, Woody

The Day The Music Died: Original Lynyrd Skynyrd Drummer, Robert Burns Jr Dead @ 64

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Though he left the band in 1974, drummer Robert Burns Jr., one of the five musicians who founded Lynyrd Skynyrd, was around when they recorded Sweet Home Alabama, Gimme Three Steps and Free Bird. Not bad, for only 1 year…

You are free at last.

Drink one for me,