Farmington River Brewing Company


Farmington River Brewing Company produces handcrafted ales of distinction made by a curmudgeon with a bad attitude and his sarcastic assistants – no sh-t! Founded in Connecticut in 1995 they produce 1500 barrels per year. They only distribute in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts – 2 State’s names that are impossible to say when you’ve had 1 too many…


Their Farmington River Blonde Ale is an American style (this moniker always scares me…) pale ale but “is not your ordinary blonde”. It’s a well-rounded and golden-colored pale ale with a beautiful balance of malt and a generous helping of the citrusy, floral taste of cascade hops. Just when I need a good blonde-joke, I can’t think of a damn one… Like I told Todd and Jeff (Boone Brewing Company) in my last post: Man, CAN the citrusy sh-t. People don’t drink beer to get Vitamin C nor a fruity-ester aroma nor a citrusy slime in their mouth. They drink beer to taste the beer. No Sh-t! That said, this ale wasn’t as bad as it’s press led me to believe. On Woody’s scale of 1-10, I give this ale a 5.


Farmington River Brown is in the brown porter style with rich chocolate and nut flavors, and heavy in body. Generously balanced with centennial hops, this beer is rich, filling, and really ‘no sh-t good’! I’ve about decided I’m a BIG FAN OF BROWNS. I give this porter an 7.


BTW: Boys, you need to get a website. If you’ve got one, damn its hard to fine…


Drinking a blonde as I type – no sh-t,


~ by Frank Wood on 2 March 2009.

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