USS Mullinnix DD-944 To Be Raised From the Caribbean Sea Bed


The US Navy’s last all gun destroyer, “The Mighty Mux” ( is to be raised next month from the resting place of its Sinkex some 17 years ago (


A top naval official, speaking on conditions of autonomy, said the Navy is raising the ship to return it to active duty. The source was quoted as saying, “these ships were the best ‘gunships’ every built. With multiple conflicts with diverse enemies around the world, the need for this type of fire power is acute and growing daily.”


The Mullinnix was 1 of 18 destroyers of the Forrest Sherman Class – the first class of destroyers build after WWII. If successful, others will be raised as well.


Four (4) of the Forrest Shermans are still afloat – three as museum ships and one (the mother ship of the class – Forrest Sherman DD-931) is in donation hold status. All four of these ships will be re-commissioned as well and schedule for re-launch in the last half of 2010.


The Mullinnix was decommissioned in 1983 after 26 years of active service. She has served her country long and proud with 3 tours of duty in Vietnam, participating in the Cuban Missile Crisis, and encircling the world in 1969. She has passed through both the Suez and Panama countless times, and has visited all 7 continents and steamed in all the oceans of the world. It appears she will serve once again.


During her Sinkex, the Mullinnix broke in half and sank in two pieces. Navy engineers will raise the ship in pieces and float them back to a yet to be determined ship building yard. Once the two halves of the ship are positioned within a dry dock they major task of welding them together will begin. It is unclear how much additional structural damage was done to the ship during her decent to the bottom of over 12,-000 feet. But officials are optimistic.


Before the two halves are joined together, a nuclear power plant will be installed. Mullinnix will be able to steam for up to 30 years between refueling.


The configuration of the gun mounts is still in the planning phase but is has become clear that the forward and aft gun mounts (MT51 and MT53) will be replaced with the MK71 MCLWG 8” gun that was experimentally tested on the sister ship USS Hull DD-945 between 1975 and 1979. Also, the aft 3” 50 gun mount will be replaced with a 5” giving the aft 01 level two 5” mounts. The torpedo tubes on the torpedo deck will be replaced with two additional 5” mounts – one to starboard and one to port. The result will be a massive amount of firepower from a ship less than 500 feet long. One unidentified admiral was quoted as saying, “this ship will be a virtual mini-battleship. She’ll be able to provide gun fire support like we haven’t seen since the days of the ‘big gun ships’.”


Former crewmembers of Mullinnix are ecstatic. “Our dream has come true,” said a tearful FTG3 Frank Wood, “This is truly a day to remember!” Many former crewmembers will be asked to be advisors to the new crew once the ship is ready to be commissioned. Hundreds of former shipmates have already signed up to attend the commissioning ceremony with the hopes of one day crossing the gangplank and utterly those simple words, “Permission to common aboard, sir?”



Drink one for me,



~ by Frank Wood on 1 April 2009.

6 Responses to “USS Mullinnix DD-944 To Be Raised From the Caribbean Sea Bed”

  1. Learned of her fate just two days ago…now this lol…NOT

  2. Too funny Woody!!!!

  3. If you are Dumb enough to believe such nonsense, I feel sorry for you.

  4. You assholes! Damn with our current government I honestly thought it was serios. Glad to see the okd gal still holds memories. Thanks!

  5. You asshole!! I served uss mullinix and was believing this shit. Lol

  6. Is this Greg Berrys buddy Woody?? Lmao!! Great story..

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