The Secret World Of Michael Jackson: NOT Black & White


“He’s not breathing. He’s not breathing. We are trying to pump him!” Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist, couldn’t revive him.


Most entertainers are different that what we see when they are plying their trade. Some completely different. And then there is a few that have drifted (or jumped) off the deep end. Remember Howard Hughes and his jars of urine?


What drives celebrities to outlandish, strange, sometimes bizarre and even creepy behavior? Is it the fame? Money? Or is it simply the lack of personal space our ‘down time’? Do we, the public, unknowingly place that much pressure? Unfortunately, with death, we never know for sure. All we are left with is hearsay, stories, and speculation from “unknown sources”.


The fact that he hasn’t made music of much merit since Thriller in 1982 (or maybe Black & White in 1991) – that’s 27 years, over ½ of Michaels life. What’s he been up to in his spare time?


In the last 48 hours ‘sources’ (most unnamed of course…) have reported the following. Who knows what to believe?


Jackson was reportedly addicted to a cocktail of prescription drugs, including anti-depressants. The Jackson family requested a 2nd autopsy to confirm if he was given an injection of Demerol immediately before his death. That autopsy was completed today. A former associate suggested that Jackson may have turned to narcotics to deal with the side effects of preparing his middle-aged body for his first tour in 12 years. Jackson’s former long-time nanny has said she often pumped Michael’s stomach after he swallowed too many prescription meds. At times it was so bad, Grace Rwaramba wouldn’t let Michael’s children see him. Fact or fiction?


‘Sources’ say he regularly hid cash in garbage bags and under the carpets. Bouts of a bizarre nomadic life style, dragging the kids around the Bahrain, Ireland, and Germany. Secret loans from heads of state like Sheikh Abdullah, son of the King of Bahrain. Homeless at times, living from hotel to hotel in various countries as often as he changed his clothes. Lavish spending. Alzheimer’s?


It appears Michael had no sense for money. More than $400M in debt. The $100,000/month house he was living should probably have been rented for ~$25,000/month. 50 Concerts? Reportedly ‘he says’ he only signed on for 10. WTFO? Often too weak to walk, he was chasing an ever-failing quest to recapture his fame of the ‘80s. Traveling with a personal physician, and rumors of daily drug injections, since the ‘90s, how would he perform even 1 show?


To Michael, going to a hospital was to escape and relax, avoiding a court appearance or a performance or some other commitment he didn’t want to keep. His face shrunken and frail, a study in sculpted putty – pinched and make-up covered. That could explain the masks in public – not from fear of germs but to hide the surgical brutalization. Massive amounts of skin grafting. Whoa – dude… Was this the result of child abuse when he was younger?


He tried to replace his missing family with hangers-on, surrounding himself with people who used him. Reminds you of Elvis doesn’t it? He was afraid he would end up like Elvis – had been worried for the better part of 20 years. I got news for you hangers-on — you killed your meal ticket. How does that make you feel, if you can feel anything? Time to dust off your CVs.


Ian Halperin, the author of an unauthorized biography on Michael Jackson, has claimed that he is suffering from Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency (A1AD), a genetic disorder that harms the liver and lungs; needed a lung transplant; was 95% blind in his left eye; and battling both emphysema and gastrointestinal bleeding.  Believable?


Peculiar actions and possessions: Bubbles the chimp; the flotation tank; his marriage to Lisa Marie; and dangling his baby over a hotel balcony. Building a wacky fantasy theme park. The “Jesus Juice”. The multi-million dollar payoffs. Is this someone taking a step away from sanity?


Will any truth be told? Will we know when we read the truth? Jacko, we sure could have used a autobiography to set the record straight.


Watch the Jackson family over next days and weeks. It will tell us much. Will the supposedly upcoming concert tour become the “We Are The World (Michael Jackson) Memorial Tour”? Will his kids be treated fairly by you and me? The press? The family? The will and all the trailing attorneys and creditors?

Safe travels Michael, say hello to Ed, Farrah, and Billy for us…


My head hurts – Drink one for me,



~ by Frank Wood on 28 June 2009.

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