40 Years Ago Today: Door’s Jim Morrison Is Dead

Jim Morrison is dead. 40 years ago today, 3 July
1971, the rock n’ roll world learned of his death in Paris France. The
poet-musician was only 27 years old – eerily, the same age at which Janis
Joplin and Jimi Hendrix passed from this world. His profound effect on rock ‘n’
roll is still listened to today. Who has not listened to “Hello, I love, you”, “Light
My Fire”, or “Riders On The Storm”?

My ship’s song was “Riders
On The Storm” while in Vietnam in 1972 (http://www.ussmullinnix.org/1972Pictures.html
and http://www.ussmullinnix.org/1972GoodwillCruise.html)

Did Morrison have
issues? Yes. More than maybe he could endure. His music could be, and many times
was, beautiful and yet dark – songs that were easy to listen to yet kicked you
in your gut.

I often wonder why it
seems we lose so many gifted musicians, many at an early age. While the albums
are flowing we think it will go on forever. Then, suddenly, it’s over. Though
the music can live on in various media, it indeed is gone as well. Does living
the life of a rocker simply consumed your years on this earth at 4x the pace of
you and me, the listeners? There is only one that knows for sure and I suspect
Jim is with him – the higher, spiritual existence that he sang so much about.
Jesus, keep him safe…

Drink one for me,



~ by Frank Wood on 3 July 2011.

2 Responses to “40 Years Ago Today: Door’s Jim Morrison Is Dead”

  1. Check out the smoke in the picture. It looks like a face is looking at him! Wow!!!

  2. Later half of sixties was a good time for Morrison to be alive. The raging counter-culture with its angst ridden yearnings, primal sexuality, unhinged drunkenness and a wildly seductive notion of enlightenment- was ready for him. He came and lent a veneer of sheer sexiness to the excesses of his era.

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